The Hidden Gems From Google IO 2013

Google IO 2013

Google IO is an annual event, where Google shows its latest goodies and news. Last year, Google revealed a lot of hardware such as the first tablet of the Nexus family (The Nexus 7) and a media streaming device called Nexus Q (which has been a major fail in sales). Also, there was a great highlight when Google announced the Android 4.1 Jellybean OS followed by a quick demo of it’s features. As if it wasn’t enough, google came with the cherry on the cake, the awesome Project Glass

The Google I/O 2013, on the other hand, announced no new hardware. Many people considered this a huge leap backwards, since they were expecting either a new Nexus 7, Nexus Q or the Phone X (the Nexus branded phone from Motorola). For those who think that since there was no new awesome hardware, the IO event was a waste of time, here I am trying to show the reason they should care about the releases of this year’s event.

No Hardware. No Fun. Are you Sure?

Here is the list of everything announced at the Google IO 2013, and the reason you should or should not care about it.

    Game-On !

    Google Play Games Service : For those who play games in the android ecosystem, be it casual or hardcore, this is a huge step forward. This service promises to increase the engagement between friends when playing into the Android platform.

    Why should you care?
    Google Play Games announced a new feature which will sync the state of your game between your devices. You can start playing Angry Birds on your Tablet, and have your phone synced to where you stopped playing in less than a minute. Great, Right ?

    Google Cloud Messaging Improvements

    Better Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) integration with Google Play Services: Developers can now send tons of notifications and push data to multiple users of their app, with a higher efficiency.

    Why should you care ?
    To be honest, there is nothing awesome here. Developers now can, for example, send a message to your device to “signal” your device to execute a certain action, such as an check for upgrades. The reason for the hype, is that this now works for multiple devices at the same time

    Google Music is a Threat to Pandora, Rdio, Groveshark and Live365

    Now you can pay 9.99 USD a month and stream every one of the 20 millions song available on the Google music service.

    Why should you care?
    If you live outside the US, you should not care, since it’s only available in the US. But, if you live within the United States this means that, you can now access a Radio service based on your preferences (since Google knows you better than your mom does), ads free, with over 20 millions songs available, with the ability to allow you to cache songs offline on your Android device.

    Google+ Major Overhaul

    From now on, Google+ is even more awesome than it was. Every single day the engineers at Google are working their ass out to make Google+ a better platform, and they are on the right track.

    Why should you care?
    If you are not a Google+ user, than you probably won’t win much here. The new features of the Google+ includes AutoImageEnhancing (basically an “Auto Photoshop Me” button), Autotagging of content to help you find what you want faster, Automatic Highlights selection of photos (if you upload every one of your 1000 photos from your last trip, Google will pick the bests ones and make an album. This is incredibly precise), just to name a few features.

    API’s are the Foundation of Awesome Apps

    Using the latest Google API, now, allows developers to build even greater apps. The new API’s include a more battery efficient way to track your location (1% battery juice spent per hour of use), a Geofencing feature (developers can now trigger actions based on users locations within a pre configured area) and a Activity recognition API, which is able to identify whether you are walking, biking or on a car/bus.

    Why should you care?
    Well, API’s are the foundation of must of the apps with awesome features you see out there. Apps now, can easily perform tasks such as : When you enter the nearest market, it will remind you to buy something that you said you needed, or, once you start biking, an app can now turn the volume of your phone to the max so you can hear it while you ride your bike. Even tho there is no “Killer App” with those features, the APIs now make it easier for more apps to implement those features.

    In the end, it wasn’t bad

    Even without KeyLime Pie (Android 4.3 or Android 5.0), or a new Nexus device, google announced very solid features and product changes this year, which the impacts will be visible soon enough.

    This was my first blog post ever, so, i hope you like it and feel free to leave any comment, compliments or tips.


2 thoughts on “The Hidden Gems From Google IO 2013

  1. That saved me some time reading 30 posts from The Verge. Thanks for the filtering the good bits! Just remember to uppercase words like “Google”, “Android”, “I”, etc. Besides that, it was great fun!
    Oh, and Google Music is radio service? I thought it was about streaming or downloading music, just like Rdio.

    • Thanks for the tips mate!
      Google music is an streaming service, but now it will automatically create “radio stations”, just like Pandora, based on what you hear. Its basically an endless playlist of songs that you might like. Also, you can manually creates those stations mannualy based on a song or artist.

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